The Politics of Division

Despite my Democratic leaning, Hillary Clinton was not my candidate of choice. In fact, I was so upset by her lies in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack, I never thought anything could convince me to vote for her — and yet I did. So when friends who voted for Trump spout, “Well, he’s better than Hillary!” I understand what they’re saying. The problem was, we were forced to choose between two imminently unlikeable candidates. They very well may have been the two worst presidential candidates in the history of our country. My vote for Hillary was, in reality, a vote against Trump, just as I’m sure there were many Trump voters who were really voting against Hillary. Because so many of us despised the other party’s choice, the nation has become deeply polarized. Would our country be as divided if our last election was between Ronald Reagan and JFK? Would there be boycotts and protests and marches? No, I don’t think so. Continue reading

Stop Lying To Us!

How did it happen that it became okay, even expected, to be lied to by our politicians? How many times have we heard someone say, “Oh, all candidates say things just to get elected,” like it’s naïve to think otherwise? And it seems the more we excuse away a politician’s lies, the more often they lie to us. We know they lie and yet we support them anyway. They’re wrong for doing it, we’re wrong for accepting it, and it has got to stop. Now.  We, the people, must demand it. The level of lying by politicians today is nothing short of obscene. And please don’t take this is as an attack directed solely at President Trump. Hillary Clinton lied to us about many, many things. Continue reading

As Our Judiciary Blocks President Trump’s Travel Ban, His Unwillingness to Divest His Holdings Matters Now More Than Ever

What delegitimizes President Trump’s travel ban is the arbitrary selection of the countries that it affects. It appears that Trump cares more about protecting his business interests than he does about protecting the citizens of the United States by his exclusion of countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, countries with a long history of exporting terrorism to the US. Continue reading

Department of Education Obesity Study

doeseal3The U.S. Department of Education released its latest findings today as part of its annual Youth Physical Fitness Study. Unfortunately, despite a concerted effort by local school districts over the last decade, youths enrolled in kindergarten through 3rd grade for the 2015-2016 school year not only failed to reduce obesity levels, but actually averaged a 7.8% increase in body mass, the largest annual increase since the D.O.E. began it’s campaign.

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Me, Fat?

12 DNutsTruth be told, I’ve been overweight most of my married life. It all started when my wife was pregnant with our first child and, as the saying goes, she got pregnant and I started showing. Over a span of 4 births, I gained in excess of 50 pounds. Okay, maybe even a bit more. A smidge, perhaps. Fine, the number is closer to 70 pounds, if you must know all the sordid little details! I should note however that my weight gain has done little to diminish my natural good looks. No, to this day a quick look in any mirror will confirm I resemble Rob Lowe plus maybe 10 to 15 pounds and not the Tony Soprano donut-addict I appear to be in every picture taken of me over the last 22 years. Continue reading

Well, That Didn’t Take Long…

At his very first at bat, President Trump stepped up to the plate in front of the CIA’s Memorial Wall and tried to convince everyone that the barrage of disparaging remarks he’d made about the intelligence community, which included charges they spread fake news and behaved like Nazi’s, were all the fault of the “dishonest media,” even though all of his statements were recorded during a live, televised press conference. How he figured it was the media’s fault is beyond me.He then vaulted into a vicious rant about how the press had deliberately undercounted the number of attendees at his inaugural, which any numbskull could plainly see was far fewer than either of Obama’s inaugurations. For pointing out this fact, Trump threatened the press, saying, “They’re going to pay a big price.”

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Mr. Tell-It-Like-It-Is

To those who admire Mr. Tell-It-Like-It-Is and find it “so refreshing” to have a president who isn’t afraid to speak his mind: Congratulations! Mexico’s economy is in the shitter and they are threatening us with immediate retaliation. Prior to that, China vowed their “revenge.” Retaliation? Revenge? No sure how much more of this “refreshing” feeling I can take! And it’s all because of Mr. You-Know-Who!

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WP Headline: “Russia Sours on Trump” How Stupid Do the Russians Think We Are?

One of the lead stories in yesterday’s Washington Post was titled, “Russia Sours on Trump,” followed by the subhead, “Moscow Officials are Lowering Expectations of Improved Relations (with the U.S.).” Trump has been taking a real hit in US public opinion for his obsessive cuddling up to Putin. Word has it that even Trump supporters aren’t happy with it. In historical terms, a Republican supporter of Russia is a rare thing indeed. Unprecedented, in fact. I think everyone senses how very odd it is. Sure, Rex Tillerson has gone out of his way in his Senate confirmation hearings for Secretary of State to show himself to be a realist when it comes to Putin and the Russians, which is about as believable as Jeff Sessions claiming to be a long-time supporter of black voting rights. It’s all just posturing to get confirmed. Trump will call the shots. Continue reading