Health Insurance

Shouldn’t everyone be required to have health insurance? We all seem to recognize the importance of having car insurance, right? What’s the difference between car insurance and health insurance? Insurance is a way of guaranteeing that each of us will cover costs for which we are responsible. That’s all it is. How could anyone be against that?

What the Trump/Ryan healthcare bill tried to do is have Americans pay more for healthcare so they could then take that savings and reduce taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals. Premiums would skyrocket for those who need healthcare the most. Thank you, President Trump and Speaker Ryan, but no thanks. Your proposal was shameful and deserved the ugly, public death it received. Yes, premiums have risen far too much under Obamacare, but that happened because Republicans have failed year after year to fix it. Their current plan is to let it languish and die and then save the day with a replacement that wI’ll have have catastrophic results for our nation’s most vulnerable. Their partisanship and dishonesty is representative of everything that’s wrong with politics today. Drain the swamp? Absolutely. And let’s start with the slimiest of the lot: Trump and Ryan.